For a London themed party, or for party theme hire anywhere else in the UK, we are the company for you. Our vast experience in theme hire allows us to offer the very best products and services to you, creating a truly authentic theme in any venue in the country. We have props for hire, party decorations for hire, event décor, lighting, catering, live music, entertainment, and more. Our entertainment includes fun inflatables, giant games, side stalls, and fairground rides, with our entertainers featuring magicians, circus performers, lookalikes, etc. Our theme party nights range from the circus through to pirates, 007, and Hollywood. Our historical themes include all the decades, such as 1920s gangster, 1950s diner, etc., as well as Medieval and Roman themes, Titanic themes, and WWI and WWII themes. We have many ideas for themed events, and if you have any ideas of your own we will attempt to meet your requirements, with our entertainment and themed products hugely adaptable.

A themed party is always a hit with corporate parties, family fun days, weddings, private parties, and more. Christmas parties are popular for company dos, with fairground and circus themes being huge hits with fetes, carnivals, and family fun days. Another popular theme is our Vegas theme, where we can supply tables, games and entertainers to transform any themed party venues into a Las Vegas casino. We can supply casino tables featuring all the classic games, complete with croupiers, dealers, and chips. We can also supply Vegas Showgirls as part of the theme, as well as using Vegas themed props and backdrops to transform the venue. This mixture of entertainment products, entertainers and decorations can apply to all of our themes, allowing us to create authentic themes across the UK.

The selection of entertainment for parties that we have available is vast and you can select a combination of products and services to suit your themes parties. We have corporate party entertainment, as well as entertainment hire for parties, weddings, and more. We can cater for a London theme party, as well as events up and down the country and our services are available throughout the year. If you want to bring one of our fantastic themes to your next event speak to our team. We have an almost endless list of possible combinations and we can help you choose the right products to suit you and your budget, ensuring that you make the very most of our party, function, or event.